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Why Headlight Renewal?

Renewcar Headlight Renewal is the most advanced, cost effective headlight restoration system on the planet by far.

Unlike any other conventional methods such as polishing or buffing which will never last long, Headlight Renewal completely removes damaged coating and restores the crystal-clear factory UV coating on the lens that lasts for years to come.

Making kiwi roads safer.

Blessed with magnificent nature, New Zealand is a place to enjoy for life. To share the goodness and its beauty, we need to make sure our roads are safe for everyone.

One thing is to drive responsibly but another is to keep the vehicles fit and safe.

NZTA states that “every year problems with vehicle lighting contribute to around 7 deaths and 88 injuries on kiwi roads.”

Car accident statistics are jarring at night. Despite 60 percent less traffic on the roads, more than 40 percent of all fatal car accidents occur at night.

The key is to have a good vision and visibility. A very common issue- Headlight Oxidation can affect the beam span and range significantly,

Look after your headlights like your own eyes with Renewcar’s Headlight care products and services.

Let's keep our beautiful roads the way they are.


I recently got my mazda done at Renewcar and am blown away with the result. My brother just got his done and he is also stocked with the job! So much so I got my club and friends queuing up for their services!
​Highly recommended.

Hayden A M (Google Reviews)

This was not just good… It was BRILLIANT !

My partner thought I had bought new headlights. Well done guys.

J Clegg (Google Reviews)

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