EHR Starter Kit ( 20 Cars )

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Do you want to be able to offer New Zealand's cost-efficient headlight restoration service to your automotive clients? With this package, you only need about 10-15minutes to sand off the existing damaged coating and apply our vapour solution on the lens for 1 year lasting UV coating.

Buy Express Headlight Renewal Start Kit today!


Super easy Training will be provided via link to the training video online.


Starter Kit includes below.

- 20 x Renewcar EHR Vapor Solutions (Restores 20 pairs of headlights)

- 1 x Renewcar Vapourer with New Zealand standard cable. (1 Year Warranty)

- 6 x Masking Tapes (Prep)

- 6 x Covering Tapes (Prep)

- 1 x Degreaser with dust-free wipes (Prep)

- 2 x A3 folded Sales Brochure with before and after images. (Sales)

-1 x Precut Sandpapers x 60 (400,600,1200,grits) (Prep)

-1 x Sanding blocks x 2 (Prep)

-1 x Online Video Training

- Website Listing on for Advertising